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Awards and Recognition
Our comprehensive awards and recognition programs reinforce our appreciation for the successes of our agents and the outstanding service they provide.

Exclusive Resources
Fillmore Real Estate has relationships with many vendors which provide agents with access to the best resources, and services. We offer FREE Professional Training and an Expert one-on-one mentoring program.

Technology we know the World Wide Web – as a pioneering company that developed one of the first web-based agent data bases, we are committed to remaining on the cutting edge of technology. Our website generates hundreds of thousands of leads and is visited by more than 2 million unique visitors per month. Buyers and Sellers can easily find agents and their listings through our Quick Search feature right on our home page.

Fillmore Real Estate provides a professional, comprehensive array of print and electronic marketing and business development materials from which to design your own marketing plan. All are designed to get you exposure to local home buyers and sellers. These programs and materials help Sales Associates leverage our global advertising, public relations, and Web presence to reach buyers, sellers, and owners.

Fillmore University®
Fillmore U offers a wide variety of classes, training, and free seminars exclusively to all of our agents. The development of our agents is a key factor in enhancing the skills that will make them successful in our industry. For experienced agents, we offer opportunities for continued professional growth

Fillmore Avenue L Mentor Program Application
In our efforts to assist agents to achieve their maximum productivity levels, Fillmore Avenue L  “Mentor Program” founded by Jean-Paul Ho in 2003 has seen many great success! Which lead many of the Mentors to become managers and Mentee to excel as Mentors themselves (Please read in the news)! With the changing market & industry the consumer expect more from Real Estate salespeople! Unlike other real estate firm that gives the salesperson a desk, phone & tells them to go to a class there is no accountability, transparency or professionalism.  This program has allowed agents to follow specific instructions and guidelines that have proven to be successful. In addition to being taught and shown how these strategies work, the mentor will hold the agent accountable for specific tasks and responsibilities during and after the program.

The mentor/mentee relationship will evolve, and plan goals and objectives, to ensure that the maximum production levels are achieved. The mentor will assist agents in overcoming any obstacles that they might currently be experiencing.

Mentees Participation:

Mentees agree that they will make their best effort to achieve all of the goals of the program. They may be removed from the program if they do not perform the minimum requirements as put forth by the mentor and the program moderator.

Mentee Graduation Requirements:

How do agents graduate from the mentor program?

Agents must pass the requirements listing in the Mentee Obligation List
Agents must pass a written exam and role playing demonstration.
If an agent does not meet all of the obligations, then they will remain in the program until they graduate.

Standard Graduation: Most programs are for 90 days.

Early Graduation: If an agent fulfills all of their obligations and is approved by the Mentor Moderator, then they can graduate early. Even within a month!

Many times, mentees may become future mentors. We encourage every office to attempt to get some of their agents enrolled in the program. There is a limited amount of mentees that can be in the program at any one time.
The current cap for mentees is 20, applications will be considered on first come basis and by desire and commitment of agent! If an applicant is not considered, they may reapply in 90 days or whenever openings in the program become available. Due to high demand we encourage your immediate action.

Mentee Obligation List

Get Organized:
Set Goals and Objectives (Marketing Plan and Budget)
Time Committment
Take Real Estate Simulator to see strengths/weaknesses before and after program.

Look – Listen – Learn
Learn technology including email, prospect management, mls systems and others.
Learn to prioritize clients and create top 30 list.
Learn to write effective copy for ads, flyers and web placement
Understand the benefits of personal marketing

Take Action:
The 30 Rule:View 30 Properties / Show 30 Properties / Call 30 Expired Listings
Host Open Houses
Create personal Bio and Resume for website and listing packet
Create personal listing presentation kit
Create personal marketing campaign

Demonstrate use of Tools:
Do comparable market analysis
Show listing presentation book
Explain marketing pieces
Be able to fill out all forms
Show what publications or websites that you use to stay current and sharp.
Take multiple digital photos of properties and show them online.
List the tools that you use in the business
Enter properties shown on prospect management

Meet with mentor regularly
Meet with program moderator monthly
Attend company programs
Attend office meetings

Demonstrate Knowledge:
Market knowledge of available and sold homes in area TEST
Company policy and procedures TEST
Fillmore History and Programs TEST
Role Playing TEST
Financial Qualifications TEST
Technology TEST
You cannot opt out without the approval of the program moderator.

Mentees Only from this point on, no manager participation necessary.

Mentor in Training program is also available!

Contact Jean-Paul (Director of Mentor/ Founder) to apply for the next round of the mentor program – (718) 922-2200